Self 2018

Photography wasn't always my dream but that had changed after suffering an injury. As an aspiring young athlete aiming to make it to the pros, my dream came to a halt after an arm injury hindered my future in baseball. True fact: My friend convinced me to join her in the photography class sophomore year. At the time my school didn't offer air conditioning throughout the building, so I thought if I hated it then at least I wouldn’t be completely miserable, ha! Over the course of those years I was curious, eager to learn & had the camera glued to my hands, My childhood was filled with insecurities due to me being overweight, suffering from a stutter, and being an introvert for the most part. Taking images gave me a voice & it was appreciated by others. That was it, I was hooked! I decided to follow my passion and take the next step in my photographic career.

In 2012 I earned a BFA in Professional Photography with an emphasis in Commercial Photography from the world renown Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. I relocated to LA and wanted to experience it all by working for a wide variety of photographers as an assistant, digital tech & retoucher. I had worked on high-end automotive, product, beauty, fashion, food, editorial & commercial photoshoots.

All of my past experiences have led to the diverse portfolio that I’ve put together to this day. Through meticulous lighting & a unique perspective, my goal is to create authentic, bold & timeless imagery that further emphasizes the brand or client’s story. Projects range from portraits & products to cars & food, among others.

I am a die hard baseball fan. Daily gym go-er. Always listening to music. Seeking my next challenge. Podcasting. Finding ways to help others. Spending time in nature. Pushing my limits. Seeking inspiration. Traveling more. Loving my friends, family, girlfriend & our furry, four legged kid, Pepper.